InstaConference: professional video event coverage for just $990+GST

InstaConference is a new service I’m offering for a special introductory price of AUD$990+GST.

This involves me attending your conference, seminar or business event, and filming, editing and delivering video on the same day.

Businesses spend a huge amount of time and money on events. This is designed as a budget-friendly way to get a professional video record of your event, and provide content that you can use on your website and social channels.


What you get:

Filming at your event

3 x edited packages:

  • 1 x edited interview package (max 5 minutes) with your CEO/executive of your choice
  • 1 x vox pop package (up to 4 interviewees) on a topic of your choice
  • 1 x 30-second highlights/sizzle reel

All this is delivered on the same day (via USB).


So what’s the catch?

This is strictly a one-day service. It is finalised by COB on the day of the event. There is no editing post the event (even on request). I can refer you to other video editors if you want more work done on your videos.

This service is not advised for filming entire presentations, as I will need to use several hours of the day for the editing. If you want to film whole presentations, it would be better to hire me or another videographer solely to film, and deal with editing separately.


The aim of this service is to provide the kind of fast, efficient turnaround that you would get if Sky News or another TV service covered your event. They would edit and broadcast it the same day, and you would be given zero editorial input. If  you want a copy to put on your website or YouTube, Sky will charge you $1,000 and you’re not allowed to use it in any paid marketing material.

With InstaConference, you can decide the questions, and it will only cost you $990+GST. You own the videos outright and can do whatever you like with them.

Can I get the raw footage?

If there’s time and it fits on the USB, sure.

Can we use our logos/graphics?

Yes, if they are simple to work with and you provide them to me in advance.

Will we be able to put it online/share it on the same day?

If there’s a suitable WiFi or wireless network, sure. I can transfer each video to you as soon as it’s done.

Could you do this just for a regular video/not an event?

Sure. I can come to your office (extra charge beyond Sydney Metro area) and carry out the above work with the same conditions: same-day turnaround, and no editing provided after the day.